Since founding TRIAGE Organizers in 2006, Elizabeth Langtry has taken the business from a one-woman closet-cleaning shop to an organizational powerhouse that has helped hundreds of people manage their lives, moves and most precious moments. Whether your chaos is a cluttered kitchen, an unwieldy datebook, a harried home relocation or a dream wedding, Elizabeth enjoys applying her innate management skills with grace under pressure and a sense of humor that has endeared her to clients from Los Angeles to the Upper East Side, including celebrities, CEOs, artists and the family next door.  

Elizabeth knows what a mess looks like, as her bedroom growing up in suburban Central New Jersey would attest. She used her own room as a laboratory for organization. She was constantly sorting and arranging for friends and family—and having a ball doing it. In 2003, after countless hours of amateur organizing, Elizabeth decided to make a profession out of her lifelong love of bringing order to messy spaces and stressful events. Three years later, after gaining experience as a full-time family assistant and frequent caterer, Elizabeth founded TRIAGE, quickly establishing her reputation as a meticulous and budget-conscious go-to for all manner of organizational and logistical dilemmas.

Clients can expect a calming and personable experience in which Elizabeth goes in, looks at the big picture and designs a customized action plan that usually includes sorting, purging and systemizing, with the goal of achieving an aesthetically pleasing result to bring peace and comfort. (Last-minute parties or moves won’t scare her away!) Satisfied customers agree that Elizabeth’s biggest asset is her ability to draw out her clients’ fears, wants and needs. Always armed with a Leatherman and a notebook, she’s known to be efficient, empathetic and in tune with the tiniest details that so often go unnoticed. She believes all problems have a solution, and that a little tough love can go a long way. Her philosophy is simple: “I love to change lives. The results will be big!”